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LW0030 19" x 13' Big knots, big S curve bend, is a branch off monster tree with a bit of the parent tree attached, lots of character.



LW0031 Photo not currently available.

32" x 12' Big, smooth, big knots, has cool bumps all over it

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MLE0009 2” x 12-17” x 8’ 4” Price: $11/bf, 19 bf = $209
Live edge two sides, nice edges with parts of burls and knots showing some birds eye some other figure, interesting knots and color, kiln dried, planed.



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MLE0010, 1 ¾” x 13-16” x 9’ 4” Price $15/bf, 21 bf = $315
Part of Sequence MLE10-14. Cut from same log, one side live edge, outstanding piece, figure 30%, spalting, color, knots and wavy wide edge, kiln dried, planed and sanded to 240, straight and flat.



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MLE0012&13, 1 ¾” x 16”x 9’ each Price $25/bf, 48 bf = $1,200 pair
Book matched and part of sequence cuts MLE10-14, one side live edge, lots of figure 25%, spalting, great color and interesting knots. Join as shown live edge in or on square edge for true book matched look. Fully sanded to 320, an outstanding pair.



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MLE0014, 1 ¾” x 11/22” 9’4” Price $7/bf 26 = $182
Part of Sequence MLE10-14. Board, good color, interesting splits and knots, some twist at split on end, nice live edge one side.



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MLE0015, 1” x 16” x 9’ Price $5/bf 12 bf = $60
Part of Sequence MLE15-18. This is the heart-center piece, with a live edge one side, twist at split on end, some figure, great colors, some cool knots right off heart center, and light spalting.



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MLE0016, 1” x 18” x 9’ Price $5/bf 13 bf = $65
Part of Sequence MLE15-18. Live edge one side, nice knots, good color, some twist on split end, light figure, light spalting.



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MLE0017, 1 ¾”” x 16” x 9’ Price $8/bf 24 bf = $192
Part of Sequence MLE15-18. Book match with MLE18, Unbelievable color, knots, spalting, live edge just a little bit on one side, twisted at seam on one end, light figure



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MLE0018, 1 ¾” x 16’ x 9’ Price $8/bf 24 bf = $192
Part of Sequence MLE15-18. Book match with 17, same description.


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