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ALE0001, 1 5/8" x 20" x 10'4" $8/bf, 27 bf = $216
Heart center piece, nice big wide Alder plank, live edge one side, knots angle out form center of tree, light stress cracking in the pith.


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ALE0002, 1 15/16" x 19-23" x 10' 7" $10/bf, 32 bf = $320
A nice big Alder plank, live edge with bark on one edge, light cupping, a few interesting knots and some color changes.



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ALE0003, 2" x 19-20" x 10' 7", $10/bf 32 bf = $320
Big live edge Alder plank with a few nice dark knots for character.


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ALE0004, 2" x 17-19" x 10' 7", $10/bf, 28 bf = $280
Big alder plank, live edge one side, some character knots and the grain is almost showing some figure, it will get better when finished.



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ALE0005, 1 15/16" x 19-23" x 10' 3", $10/bf, 32 bf = $320
Big alder plank, live edge one side, light spalting one end, some interesting knots and a little bow in the middle.



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ALE0006, 1 5/8" x 19-21" x 9' 10", $8/bf, 23 bf = $184
Big Alder live edge one side plank, nice knots as get near heart center, light spalting, a little cupping.



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CB0001 4" x 12" x 8' 6"

Not finished, live edge two sides, light rot one end and bottom. This one will sand up and have very nice face grain on top.



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CB0002 4" x 12" x 7' 6"

Not finished, live edge both sides, heavy rot one end, light on other. You could finish as is, cut off end and finish or use as is for a worktable.



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FB0001 4” x 12" x 10'

Salvaged Old Growth Doug Fir Plank, Live Edge two sides, great color, sanded to 180 and one coat of Penofin. A hearty bench.



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CB0003 4”x 12-18" x 8'

Salvaged old growth Cedar plank, live edge one side split off on other, nice color, knots. This one is sanded to 120 with a coat of Penofin and will make a long lasting outdoor bench.  


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