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Looking for something totally different, one of a kind, rustic natural, organic, yet soft and smooth, almost alive, well then, take a look.  Benches made from 250-500 year old salvaged old growth cedar and fir.  We also have some benches made from 2nd growth woods here also.

To provide different price points and looks, we have and can make benches with different degrees of sanding and finish.  You decide what you want and pick it out or order one.


We have Hoop bases or Rock bases. Hoops are made from 2” x ¼” steel, smoothed and waxed, can be blackened if desired. The rock bases are all different but have galvanized threaded road grouted into hole with plate welded on top for mounting.

Hoops are $75/set of two.  Add $25 if blackening is desired.

Rock bases are $150/ set of two, including lag bolts.

CB0009 - Salvaged Old Growth Cedar

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CB09, 4" x 12-20" x 4.5'. 
Salvaged old growth Cedar, live edge two sides, rot on one end and solid on the other, great colors, sanded to 180 and no finish. You can finish or let it turn grey over time just like the front live edge. Don't be scared of the rot showing, it is just adding character, I guarantee your children will be sitting on this in the years to come.


HB0001 - Hemlock Circle

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HB0001 4”x12”x6’ Hemlock circle sawn, lightly sanded for sitting but not so much we took off saw marks, a good looking shelf, or indoor bench.


FB0001 - Old Growth Doug Fir Plank

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FB0001 4” x 12" x 10'

Salvaged Old Growth Doug Fir Plank, Live Edge two sides, great color, sanded to 180 and one coat of Penofin. A hearty bench.


HB0002 - Hemlock Circle, Sawn

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HB0002 4”x12”x12’
Hemlock circle sawn bench or shelf. Lightly sanded to retain the circle saw marks. No finish.