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Landscape Wood Old Growth Cedar

Salvaged Old Growth Cedar, picked up off the forest floor.  The big ones are pieces of trees that were at least 500 years old. We know where every piece of our landscape wood came from.  We plucked them from the forest floor, we hauled them 60 miles, we stored them, we sorted them, and we now have presented them to you.  They are true gems of nature.  The only place that is making them anymore is in our National Parks and it takes nature 350 - 500 years or so to do this.  These pieces are still alive in that they change colors during the seasons.  Silver grey from the sun in the summer, but with green tints of lichen growing on them in the winter, they are very beautiful.

Prices are loaded on your truck.  We can deliver or install them if you like. Discounts for orders with multiple pieces are provided.  

Wood mixed with rocks makes for a more complex arrangement.  Prices for landscape wood is significantly less per cubic area treated than rock. Landscape wood weighs less so does not take as large of machine to set them. Many of these pieces are perfect for creating different elevations in your garden, or a short retaining wall along your walk or pool.  Check out the split-in-half round ones that are made for this and are ready to be set on level grade with no digging in.  Keep using rock but mix it up--that is what nature would do.  


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42" x 12' Broken top, flair, is a slab from a monster tree.

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