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Sawn Wood

Every one of these pieces came from a log that was headed to the chip mill because it did not meet the needs of the lumber mill or would have been left on the ground.  We changed their direction to our yard and come up with something different.


  • Prices are for pieces loaded in your vehicle at our site.
  • Cost of packaging and shipping available on request.
  • Some products are finished to different degrees of sanding or treatment.  


  • A= Alder
  • M= Western Big leaf Maple
  • LE stands for live edge 1 or two sides

ALE0001 - Alder Sawn Wood Plank

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ALE0001, 1 5/8" x 20" x 10'4" $8/bf, 27 bf = $216
Heart center piece, nice big wide Alder plank, live edge one side, knots angle out form center of tree, light stress cracking in the pith.


ALE0003 - Alder Sawn Wood Plank

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ALE0003, 2" x 19-20" x 10' 7", $10/bf 32 bf = $320
Big live edge Alder plank with a few nice dark knots for character.


ALE0005 - Alder Sawn Wood Plank

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ALE0005, 1 15/16" x 19-23" x 10' 3", $10/bf, 32 bf = $320
Big alder plank, live edge one side, light spalting one end, some interesting knots and a little bow in the middle.


WPLE0001 - White Pine Sawn Wood Plank

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WPLE0001, 2 7/8" x 16" x 8' 4", $10/ bf, 27 bf = $270
A very nice White Pine from the west coast, grown near the ocean, has produced a nice straight grain, small knotted plank. A very unusual board, not found this large of this quality very often. We have others some book matched for awesome table blanks.


ALE0002 - Alder Sawn Wood Plank

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ALE0002, 1 15/16" x 19-23" x 10' 7" $10/bf, 32 bf = $320
A nice big Alder plank, live edge with bark on one edge, light cupping, a few interesting knots and some color changes.


ALE0004 - Alder Sawn Wood Plank

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ALE0004, 2" x 17-19" x 10' 7", $10/bf, 28 bf = $280
Big alder plank, live edge one side, some character knots and the grain is almost showing some figure, it will get better when finished.


ALE0006 - Alder Sawn Wood Plank

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ALE0006, 1 5/8" x 19-21" x 9' 10", $8/bf, 23 bf = $184
Big Alder live edge one side plank, nice knots as get near heart center, light spalting, a little cupping.


MLE0001 - Maple Sawn Wood Slab

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MLE0001 2” x 12-20” x 9’ Price: $7/board foot (bf), 21 bf = $147
Interesting slab for that special project, center top area is soft and fragile, but rest is solid, less than 10% figure, nice contour grain on one end, some nice edge, kiln dried and planed