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Sawn Wood

Every one of these pieces came from a log that was headed to the chip mill because it did not meet the needs of the lumber mill or would have been left on the ground.  We changed their direction to our yard and come up with something different.


  • Prices are for pieces loaded in your vehicle at our site.
  • Cost of packaging and shipping available on request.
  • Some products are finished to different degrees of sanding or treatment.  


  • A= Alder
  • M= Western Big leaf Maple
  • LE stands for live edge 1 or two sides

MLE0009 - Maple Sawn Wood Slab

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MLE0009 2” x 12-17” x 8’ 4” Price: $11/bf, 19 bf = $209
Live edge two sides, nice edges with parts of burls and knots showing some birds eye some other figure, interesting knots and color, kiln dried, planed.


MLE0015 - Maple Sawn Wood Slab

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MLE0015, 1” x 16” x 9’ Price $5/bf 12 bf = $60
Part of Sequence MLE15-18. This is the heart-center piece, with a live edge one side, twist at split on end, some figure, great colors, some cool knots right off heart center, and light spalting.


MLE0014 - Maple Sawn Wood Slab

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MLE0014, 1 ¾” x 11/22” 9’4” Price $7/bf 26 = $182
Part of Sequence MLE10-14. Board, good color, interesting splits and knots, some twist at split on end, nice live edge one side.


MLE0018 - Maple Sawn Wood Slab

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MLE0018, 1 ¾” x 16’ x 9’ Price $8/bf 24 bf = $192
Part of Sequence MLE15-18. Book match with 17, same description.


MLE0010 - Maple Sawn Wood Slab

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MLE0010, 1 ¾” x 13-16” x 9’ 4” Price $15/bf, 21 bf = $315
Part of Sequence MLE10-14. Cut from same log, one side live edge, outstanding piece, figure 30%, spalting, color, knots and wavy wide edge, kiln dried, planed and sanded to 240, straight and flat.


MLE0012&13 - Maple Sawn Wood Slab

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MLE0012&13, 1 ¾” x 16”x 9’ each Price $25/bf, 48 bf = $1,200 pair
Book matched and part of sequence cuts MLE10-14, one side live edge, lots of figure 25%, spalting, great color and interesting knots. Join as shown live edge in or on square edge for true book matched look. Fully sanded to 320, an outstanding pair.


MLE0016 - Maple Sawn Wood Slab

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MLE0016, 1” x 18” x 9’ Price $5/bf 13 bf = $65
Part of Sequence MLE15-18. Live edge one side, nice knots, good color, some twist on split end, light figure, light spalting.


MLE0017 - Maple Sawn Wood Slab

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MLE0017, 1 ¾”” x 16” x 9’ Price $8/bf 24 bf = $192
Part of Sequence MLE15-18. Book match with MLE18, Unbelievable color, knots, spalting, live edge just a little bit on one side, twisted at seam on one end, light figure