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Sawn Wood

Every one of these pieces came from a log that was headed to the chip mill because it did not meet the needs of the lumber mill or would have been left on the ground.  We changed their direction to our yard and come up with something different.


  • Prices are for pieces loaded in your vehicle at our site.
  • Cost of packaging and shipping available on request.
  • Some products are finished to different degrees of sanding or treatment.  


  • A= Alder
  • M= Western Big leaf Maple
  • LE stands for live edge 1 or two sides

MLE0029 - Maple Sawn Wood Slab

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MLE0029, 2” x 6-23” x 8’ 3” Price $12/bf 21.28 bf = $255
Part of sequence MLE28-29. Discounted for cupping; there is about ¼” of cupping on this board.  Torpedo shaped with spalting, more of a flared edge, beautiful face grain, a one of a kind piece, kiln dried, planed and sanded.


YLE0001 - Maple Sawn Wood Slab

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YLE0001 1 ½” x 14-19” x 13’Price $16/bf x 39 bf = $624
A big Yew plank, live edge both sides with an interesting bark seam, knot bumps on the outside and nice silvered color. This is a showstopper; it will shine up and be brilliant and hard as a rock. Yew planks like this just are very hard to find. It has been kiln dried, and primary sanded. It is not exactly the same thickness end to end, as it was not planed so not to pull any wood.


MLE0030 - Maple Sawn Wood Slab

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MLE0030, 1 ¾” x 13-15” x 11’ Price $5/bf  25 bf = $125 each
Part of Sequence MLE30-33.  Sequence cut all, live edge both sides, some figure in the compressed side, some splitting but will make a special bar, seat, shelf or table in the right location.  The centerline is bent out about 12” from a string on center of ends, kiln dried, planed.